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Articles of Interest

Here are a few articles you may be interested in (click on boldface titles to access PDF):

Empowering Student Choice – Article from edutopia (What Works in Education) by John McCarthy (08/25/2014) about factoring in student interests to engage them in deeper learning experiences.

Flipped Learning – Article from eSchool by Laura Devaney (08/27/2014) about flipped learning to increase student engagement and personalized learning. 4 T’s for transformation: Thinking, Time, Technology and Training.

eSchool K-5 WEB Apps – Article from eSchool News by Contributor (08/25/2014) about 5 web apps for K-5 students to help create a stimulating educational environment.

SmartBlog on Education – Article from ScienceBlog on Education by Michele L. Huppert (08/25/2014) about research-based learning games aligned to standards.


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