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Extra-curricular Enrichment

Wallets at Hokulani

Hokulani After-School Team

Hokulani ES and DT Wallets

On Friday, July 25th, isisHawaii had the privilege of introducing Design Thinking (DT) concepts to Principal Holly Kiyonaga and her team at Hokulani Elementary School. After attending an isisHawaii DT activity hosted by the Honolulu District Office, Principal Kiyonaga wanted her team to explore using DT as a tool to develop a new after-school mentoring program.

isisHawaii presented a short process overview and activities that helped demonstrate a few DT concepts. The “Wallet Project” was chosen for its emphasis on one of the primary DT concepts – empathy. Through this challenge, participants were able to get a glimpse of the power of DT structured activities and their applications.



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