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Extra-curricular Enrichment

VPerch II In Test Phase

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.57.49 AMThe 2014 Virtual SeaPerch orientation for teachers was held at the awesome Chew Tech Center at Mid-Pacific Institute (July 22-23). Participants were able to get a broad overview of the beta application and contribute to the improvement and further development of an integrated academics program centered on marine tech.

Since 2012, a collaborative partnership with 3D design consultancy, 3D Innovations (3D Academy Education Division; Collin Kobayashi, President/CEO) has been developing an exciting educational module for students. Virtual SeaPerch (or, V-Perch) is a 3-dimensional computer-based modeling program designed to complement the physical underwater ROV (remote operated vehicle) developed by SeaPerch. V-Perch provides an option for testing refining and rebuilding ROV models without consuming expensive materials.

Users will also be able to learn about basic engineering design processes while reinforcing standards aligned math and science concepts through this project-based learning module and lesson plans. V-Perch will give budding young engineers an opportunity to learn the actual innovative design processes that real engineers go through.

The V-Perch module is aligned with the national SeaPerch learning and competitive program mission and vision (managed by AUVSI). This introduction to 3D computer aided design will also help students develop basic CAD (computer aided design) skills using an industry-standard application, SolidWorks. Implementation is scheduled to begin in the Fall (SY2014-15) at several selected Honolulu middle schools.

Virtual SeaPerch Phase II (2013-14) is a project funded by Navatek Ltd., an innovation company specializing in advanced ship hull designs and related technologies. V-Perch Phase I was funded by a STEM Education grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR, 2012-13).

VP2 Teacher Training

ONR Hawaii Director, Clif Ching (kneeling), demonstrates SeaPerch ROV for teachers while Navatek Ltd. partners (right) observe.


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