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Sustainability: Tasty Tidbits!

CUelmerdishWant to have your children learn about sustainability? Well, have them EAT it! Funded by the Hawaii Department of Education’s Honolulu District Office, isisHawaii was able to present “Tasty Tidbits” – a family-oriented event about sustainable farming, science and food security in Hawaii.

Thanks to food donor, Mari’s Garden, and journalist, Catherine Toth, who helped recruit local celebrity chefs who, in turn, donated their culinary talents at Ala Wai and Lunalilo Elementary Schools. Chefs Elmer Guzman (Poke Stop, Mililani), Chris Okuhara (Miso & Ale, Kaimuki) and Ed Kenney (Town Restaurant, Kaimuki) prepared gourmet tastings made from locally and organically grown tilapia and a variety of vegetables…including kale, Japanese cucumber, beets and arugula.

It was great watching all the children eating their fish and veggies with a smile – there is definitely hope for a brighter, healthier food future for Hawaii!






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