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KULA: Nanakuli Science Lab

12KULA_NANbldg JosetteAustin 12KULA_NANteam

isisHawaii’s second outdoor science lab was just completed at Nanakuli Intermediate School. The Ipu Waiwai Kula – ‘AE “Aquaponics in Education” project (funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education Native Hawaiian Education Program) provides the resources and specialists for Wai‘anae and Nanakuli Intermediate Schools to develop multidisciplinary culture-based lesson plans to engage youth in 21st century learning activities. The project vehicle — aquaponics; a hybrid sustainable agricultural system that nurtures produce and fish in a recirculating environment. In addition to rigorous core academic opportunities, aquaponics provides a strong framework to teach concepts in economics, food independence and entrepreneurial activities.


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