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Intra-curricular Enrichment

2009 3D CAD in Education

3DI President/CEO, Collin Kobayashi, with Highlands' student and teacher

In the Spring of 2008, isisHawaii collaborated with Highlands Intermediate School (HIS) to develop a unique enrichment program. Working with an industry professional, students used industry standard 3-dimensional computer aided design (3D CAD) software in applying textbook science concepts to reinforce retention and develop marketable technical skills. Collin Kobayashi, President/CEO, 3D Innovations, LLC, mentored 8th grade science instructor, Alika Ahu, and helped develop relevant 3D CAD exercises guided by Ahu’s syllabus.

The pilot resulted in highly engaged science students and a heightened awareness of engineering and technical drafting as possible career options. According to both Kobayashi and Ahu, students were extremely focused throughout the pilot with many showing marked improvement in their science grades and attitudes towards classroom time. Students interviewed identified engineering as a “creative” field and recognized its limitless possibilities. Special education students also benefited and, in many cases, excelled in application and retention. Most students also showed improved confidence in their technical abilities.

Ahu (with limited support from Kobayshi) will continue integrating 3D CAD in his science classes. In Fall 2010, an extension will be implemented at the complex area high school (Pearl City High School) through the 9/10 grade algebra and freshmen science classes.


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